Street Food Of India

Suvarna Sadhu Banerjee
Suvarna Sadhu Banerjee
Travel Enthusiast.

It is said that one can understand the palate of the local population from its street food. India seems to be an honourable exception to this rule! India has a huge variety and has the habit of renovating the food as per their own palates and likings.

You can find food which is sweet, which is spicy, which is salty, which is hot, which is fried and baked, which is boiled and steamed, which is dry and also curried. Food that is pure vegetarian, food that is non vegetarian, cut fruits made into spicy tangy salads or juices transformed to cool the spices adding the famous masala to it! The Mc D burgers have re-invented themselves by selling complete vegetarian burgers and Pizza Hut also sells Curry chicken topping for its Pizzas only in India.

Every place has a dish sold on the streets indigenous to the city itself. The Litti – Chokha of Patna, Tunday Kebab of Lucknow, Chaat of Delhi, Kachori of Varanasi, Pedha from Mathura, Fish Fry from Amritsar, Mirchi Bhajji in Hyderabad, Neer dosa in Bangalore, Vada Pao and pao Bhaji in Mumbai, chops of vegetables and meats in Kolkata and famous Kulfi that you get at every nook and corner of every city… all are street foods famous within the city. Of course some do cross the borders some  are common all over India with slight variation and names like the Pani Puri. It takes various names from one place to other, like Gol Gappe in the north India, Phuchka in the eastern states, Batashe in Uttar Pradesh and old Delhi and Gup Chup in Central India! This tangy water filled fried dumplings are the favourite of all across the length and breadth of India.

Dosa and Idli have come down to the streets from houses and restaurants. A Chinese would be flabbergasted to eat the so very famous Indian Chowmein on the streets of Kolkata, which the Indians have moulded in their own tastes. The mixture of lentils and peanuts added with a curry known as the misal, is very popular in Maharashtra and fritters made virtually out of anything edible are found all over India.

The Seekh Kebab and the Burrah Kebab, Samosa and Kachori, Wada Pao and Pao Bhaaji all these are supposed to be street food, filling yet light on your pockets. Sandwiches and puffs have filling of various vegetables and meats as well. Ice creams and Lollies, very typical to India with some authentic Indian flavours are found across the country. Added to these are various sweets and it becomes not only difficult to choose from but also equally difficult to satisfy your palate!

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