Sprawling on the banks of River Yamuna, Delhi, the capital of India, typifies the soul of the country. Delhi is a city of contrasts. One of the oldest cities in the world and now one of the most progressive, she combines a unique ambience of ancient and modern.

Mumbai is a city of paradoxes: the country’s financial nerve centre, it is also a confluence of theater, art, music and classical dance forms. A city steeped in tradition, with a rich historical past, it is also one, where contemporary, scientific and business enterprise flourishes. Mumbai-colourfully vibrant with multi-faceted images-is a busy metropolis, the premier city in Western India.

Kolkata, the gateway city to eastern India, is today three hundred years old and has always prided itself on being the bedrock of Indian tradition and culture. The city combines classical European architecture with traditional local styles to create a unique blend of the two.

Chennai is the capital of the state of Tamil Nadu and the gateway to the South. The city also has one of India’s principal harbours and one of the finest beaches in Asia.


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