Holiday Themes of India


Whether you are water crazy or love to play skiing on the slopes covered with snow, India is the place for you. You name a sport and India has it. It is not only that India has sports of all kinds but it has some of the best facilities in the world....


Ayurveda is the Vedic system of health care that developed in India over 5000 years ago. A gift of the Gods, it was codified by the sage-physician Charaka and the sage-surgeon Shushruta. This ancient science is health, not disease, specific and takes into account the patient's entire personality - body, mind and spirit.


Beaches in India provide the most tempting combination of sun, sand, sea and surf that is too hard to resist for any beach lover and water sport adventurer. When it comes to beach holidays in India the choice is unending. Still the foremost choices of beach travel in India include the beautiful sea shores of Goa, where the tropical sun bathed beaches of Anjuna, Baga & Dona Paula have something for every visitor. Other beaches such as Kovalam, Marina and Juhu, not just focus on tourism they are also venues for recreation and entertainment for the local population and the outstation tourists.


Buddhism is a world religion, which arose in Bihar, India and is based on the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama, who is known as the Buddha (literally the Enlightened One or Awakened One). It flourished during the reign of Maurya Empire. Buddhism has spread through two main traditions; Theravada which extended south and east and now has widespread following in Southeast Asia, and Mahayana, which diffused first west, then north and later east throughout East Asia. Both traditions have since spread throughout the world

Central India

Attracting pilgrims and tourists from the world over, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh constitute the geographic heart of India. The States retain a genteel, royal ambience with ancient colonial relics and timeless monuments. Conservation-conscious wildlife sanctuaries, the erotic Khajuraho temples, wide spanning green forests, Buddhist sites, and the anomalous tribal lifestyle are the main attractions of Central India. Welcome to the heart of India…welcome to Central India!


The arid and semi-arid regions of Thar Desert stand divided between India and Pakistan. A vast expanse of hot sand mountains, Thar Desert yields sal and gypsum. The scanty rainfall and extreme climate makes it a perfect desert experience topped with warm desert people who are ready to entertain the visitors with their folk dance and music performances in their characteristic colorful dresses, camel and elephant rides. Sand dunes, thorny bushes, parched thirsty fields, broken rocks along with majestic forts and palaces that rise from the barren backdrop like a mirage makes Rajasthan a preferred place for the tourists to visit.

East India

East India, or Eastern India, is a region of India consisting of the states of West Bengal, Jharkhand, and Orissa. The state of Bihar is variously included in East India or in North India. Geographically the region lies between North India and North-East India. The states of Orissa and West Bengal share many cultural and linguistic characteristics with Bangladesh and with the state of Assam. Together with Bangladesh, West Bengal formed the ethno-linguistic region of Bengal before Partition in 1947.


India has been unique for the cultural and ethnic diversities it had contained peacefully for centuries. People of different races and cultures had come and settled, intermingling within these hospitable river valleys and mountains. The tribes are no longer left isolated. The modern world with it's industries and highways, markets and traders has moved closer to the remote tribal areas.


Despite the continuous and growing impact of urbanization, secularization, and Westernization, the traditional joint household, both in ideal and in practice, remains the primary social force in the lives of most Indians. Loyalty to family is a deeply held ideal for almost everyone.


Riding on the success of Indian golfers, the game of Golf has made rapid strides across the length and breadth of India. Over the years, Indian pros have consistently raised the bar in international events and the domestic tour is being organized in a professional manner.


From the earliest of times, man has been preoccupied with food and drink. From a matter of survival to degustation, the evolution continues. However, the fine art of dining and/or wining (the combination being synergistic) can be a truly sensuous experience. From subtle and simple flavours to luxury and even sheer indulgence.


The country of India is dotted with many heritage monumental attractions. During your tours to India you will see magnificent Taj Mahal. Taj Mahal is India’s star attraction. Your India tours will be incomplete without paying a visit to this white marble love monument – Taj Mahal. Taj Mahal is considered to be one of the seventh wonders of the world. Apart from Taj Mahal, also several elegant monuments add the beauty of India. Rajasthan, India is dotted with several timeless and magnificent forts & palaces and offers you a royal experience.

Hill Station

India is the perfect tourist destination when it comes natural beauty. The picturesque Indian hill stations are among top hill stations of world. Hill stations of Kashmir such as Srinagar, gulmarg, sonmarg are among most beautiful hill stations of India and world. Hill stations of Himachal pradesh like kullu manali, dalhousie, chamba, solan, shimla are equally beautiful.


Home stay in India could be as interesting as traveling to this incredible land! The concept of home stay is considered to be the best alternative to hotel accommodation in the hospitality industry. Home stay helps you come across land, people, culture and cuisine of any place in its pristine elements unlike hotel accommodation. These Homes have their own history and stories to tell, run by the families who have inherited the culture and hospitality.


After a much hectic wedding ceremony, it is the time to relax with your beloved. Begin your new life by planning honeymoon to get close and understand each other well. Honeymoon in India offers a scope for myriad romantic getaways which will be a perfect escape from the humdrum of your robotic lives. Step into a new life by planning honeymoon in India, which you can treasure forever in your memories and make it an experience of a lifetime, without shelling out big bucks from your pocket.


The islands in the Indian Ocean are among the most exotic, and beautiful in the world. The Lakshadweep (laccadive) - a beautiful coral atolls, the Andaman and Nicobar -  the emerald Islands, Maldives - a coral paradise, Seychelles with their giant granite boulders and Sri Lanka's, Madagascar's tropical mountains are all different, exotic and exciting. 


India…the incredible land of Maharajas is dotted with luxury hotels. Exotic and inspiring the luxury hotels of India are no less than being the cocoons of comfort. The best of facilities and the most efficient of services offered at the luxury hotels make your holiday in India happy. For the ultimate in indulgence, you may choose to stay at any of these luxury hotels in India. Each of these luxury hotels has it's own unique character and individual appeal.


Though almost all major cities in India are economically well developed there are four main metropolitan cities viz. Delhi - the Indian capital, Mumbai - a mega city, Kolkata and Chennai. Besides these, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Bhopal, Ahmedabad, Thiruvananthapuram, Chandigarh et al are some of the other metropolitan cities in India that feature modern infrastructure, contemporary facilities and cultural modernization.

North India

The North India, strategically, most important part of India has shaped the course of India's historical and cultural evolution over the last 3500 years. The three main religions - Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism; the origin of sacred river Ganga, Yamuna and sources of many other important rivers are in northern India. The mighty Himalayas from Himachal Pradesh to Arunachal Pradesh safeguarding the country are also part of the northern India. Delhi,


Relive India as it was and see history unfold through the eyes of the rare witnesses still remaining- the palaces of India. Welcome to a mystical and enchanting journey of ancient India experienced through the eyes of its guardians - the palaces of India. Palaces are the ensamples of a country's cultural heritage and custodians of its history. India is maybe the only country in the world where palaces of almost every gone by era can be found, be it the Old Stone Age or the colonial one.

South India

South India is the area encompassing India's states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu as well as the union territories of Lakshadweep and Pondicherry, occupying 19.31% of area. South India lies in the peninsular Deccan Plateau and is bounded by the Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal in the west, south and east respectively. The geography of the region is diverse, encompassing two mountain ranges — the Western Ghats and Eastern Ghats and a plateau heartland. Godavari, Krishna, Tungabhadra and Kaveri rivers are important non-perennial sources of water.


With the kind of lifestyle most people lead today, stress and tension have become increasingly predominant. The modern system of medication has only partly served the purpose of alleviating the problems of people. Amidst such circumstances, the ancient system of healing has resurfaced as an immensely popular means to cure a whole lot of modern problems. Herbal treatment, yoga & meditation, steam bath and massage therapies have proved their credence time and again as effective means to treat the problem of the people.


India is not a piece of land or some political entity or a part of some historical facts. It is not a mad race for money, power, position and prestige. India is a longing, a thirst to attain truth - the truth that resides in every heartbeat of ours, the truth that is lying asleep under the layer of our consciousness, the truth that is ours but yet forgotten. Its remembrance, its reclamation, is India.


India ­ a myriad land stores wonders in its magical womb. From the bewitching Himalayas to the tranquil seashores and from the pre-historic ornamental caves to the heritage temples and palaces, India scores well in every part of life, culture and heritage. Still India is not complete without its vibrancy that´s stored in the unique and queer life style of the tribes. Fringed in almost every parts of the country, theses Indian tribal communities are questions to our so-called modern civilization.


Wellness Tours are the holidays taken by the people for the relaxation of body, mind and spirit with a focus on hikes, walks, natural food, spirituality, meditation, yoga and natural therapies. These wellness tours combine the landscapes, flora, fauna and energies of the places being visited with relaxation and rejuvenation.

West India

West India include the states like Goa and Gujarat in addition to Maharashtra. Western Part is popular because of Bombay, Goa (For its beaches), Rann of Katch (Gujarat), Temples of Ajanta & Ellora ( Aurangabad, Maharashtra) & Wildlife Santuaries in Gujarat. After the vibrant atmosphere of Bombay, allow the palm-fringed beaches of Goa to warm your spirit in the sun and relax your mind. Or meditate in cool and ancient Buddhist caves tunnelled out of solid rock on the craggy hillsides - a dramatic contrast from the colourful fairs and festivals in unspoiled Gujarat. The choice is once again tremendous in this land that offers everything Bombay - Gateway of India.


Enjoy bird music on a rendezvous with green forests and wild creatures on India Wildlife Travel. The India Wildlife Travel Itinerary with India-Wildlife-Tours is a comprehensive tour package tailored to suit your 'long holiday' plans.See steep escarpments in Bandhavgarh; trek through dense tropical forests in Ranthambore and cruise through marshlands agog with bird life on an India Wildlife Travel.


The word Yoga means union. Traditionally, the goal of Yoga is union with the Absolute, known as Brahman, or with Atman, the true self. These days the focus is often on the more down-to-earth benefits of Yoga, including improved physical fitness, mental clarity, greater self-understanding, stress control and general well-being. Spirituality, however, is a strong underlying theme to most practices.