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    kasauli ,Himachal Pradesh
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    Kasauli is a small hill town full of quaint relics of the British Raj. Situated about 1950 meters above sea level and nestling in the Shivaliks . It is almost midway between the major cities of Chandigarh and Shimla . Directly below Kasauli is the spread of the vast plains of Punjab and Haryana which as darkness falls unroll a gorgeous carpet of twinkling lights. At 3647 meters the snow capped peaks of Choor Chandini powerfully dominates the lower hills and across the undulating ranges, Shimla is also visible.
    Kasauli's history can be traced back to the 17th century when it provided refuge and later a home to uprooted Rajput families. Later, in 1842, inspired by the crispy cool climate the British converted it into a cantonment, a status it enjoys even today, thanks to which it remains clean, green and serene.

    The Kasauli club, one of the oldest institutions of Kasauli, was founded in 1888. The club was meant only for English gentry and a few highly placed Indians. Today the membership includes the elite of India. Another landmark of Kasauli is the Central Research Institute. It was the first of its kind in Asia when it was established in 1905, and today produces the vaccines for yellow fever and rabies.

    The world famous Lawrence school at Sanawar near Kasauli was started in 1847 as an orphanage for the children of the British Indian army personnel killed in battles. Today it is among the top public schools in the country, and one of the worlds oldest co-educational institution.

    The first impression of Kasauli is cleanliness, a profusion of flowers and greenery wherever you turn. Above all, a quiet serenity pervades this little resort. Populated mainly by serving and retired army personnel and old time residents, the bungalows are unpretentious and picturesque, with neatly trimmed hedges and wild-flower-dotted winding approach roads. No high rises here, just cottages and climbing roses, hanging pots spilling over with colorful orchids and geraniums , and large trees sporting exuberant foliage and many hued blossoms. Birds with exotic plumage and distinctive calls flit from tree to tree. The upper and lower malls run through kasauli’s length and one can enjoy long walks on it.

    Any mode of locomotion other than walking is frowned upon in Kasauli and there is restriction on the movement of vehicles on the upper and lower malls. During the British times, one could see rickshaws on the mall pulled and pushed by coolies who always ran bare foot , the ringing of the rickshaw bell telling pedestrians to move away . No longer in use, these rickshaws were one of the most interesting relics of the British era.

    The highest point in Kasauli, known as Manki point is home to a Hanuman temple. The Manki point is believed to be in the shape of left foot of Lord Hanuman, who is said to have put his foot down on the hill while carrying the mountain bearing sanjivni herb for Laxman, Lord Ram’s brother.

    Just a 90 minutes drive from Chandigarh, Kasauli is ideally located for spending weekend and holidays to revitalize and recharge the mind and body. It provides a welcome break from the rigors of city living.

    Kasauli also enjoys proximity to the hills of Subathu, Dagshai, Solan and Chail and several other picturesque picnic spots. The capital town of Shimla is only 70 km away.

    In the not so recent past Kasauli lacked modern hotel accommodation and there were just a couple of small hotels and the defence services holiday home . With the opening of luxurious three star resorts like “Kasauli resort” and a few others a long standing need for decent accommodation for tourists has been met and Kasauli has now emerged as a destination in its own right. It has also become a favoured destination of Corporates wishing to hold conferences.

    The climate is salubrious around the year, summer being pleasant and winter mild with occasional snowfall, the monsoons are especially charming when playful clouds swoop down upon you and the mist surrounds you. Leaving all stress behind you can count on the pine-scented air, the misty ambience, the pretty walks and the spectacular views to make your trip to Kasauli a memorable experience. You can plan a trip to Kasauli on weekends since it is easily accessible and have great options for trekking and walking in the Kasauli hills.

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    Mini bar,Hot/Cold water

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    24 hrs

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    Massage Centre,Steam Bath,Body Line Gymnasium,Sauna Bath Jacuzzi,Card room Tea lounge,Table Tennis Room,Snooker & Billiards Room,Gift Shop,Parking area,Billiard room, table tennis, pool table & play station for kids,Room service,Piped music and sattelite TV hook up,In house laundry

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    Credit card facility

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    Just a 90 minutes drive from Chandigarh, Kasauli is ideally located

  • Access Airport:

    55 kms from chandigarh

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    32 kms Kalka railway station

Number of Rooms: 1


Room service Mini bar in each room Piped music and sattelite TV hook up In house laundry
Number of Rooms: 28


Room service Mini bar in each room Piped music and sattelite TV hook up In house laundry
Number of Rooms: 4


Room service Mini bar in each room Piped music and sattelite TV hook up In house laundry