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    Village and Post Chanoud, District Pali, Rajasth
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    A home-stay. Where the home is a 300-year-old palace

    Dreamingly grazing at the wooded Aravallis stands the palace of Chanoud Garh. It's unperturbed by the fast-changing world; knowing that its ramparts are strong enough to keep any sandstorm of change from threatening what it has preserved within.
    Maybe it's just following the strict instructions left by Thakur Anoop Singh ji, when he built Chanoud Garh as a home for his generations to come. And thirteen generations later, the 200,000 square foot palace still loyally serves his present-day descendants.

    Every bit of the palace has been carefully preserved to lead you back to the era of the gallant rulers. The delicate stone filigree Jharokhas, the rough marble pillared corridors, the Grand Durbars, the winding doorways that lead to courtyards or opulent lawns, the strong colonial and local influence in the rooms; all whisper small snippets of history.
    And while the chirping of talkative parrots in the verandahs or the fluttering of pigeons bathing in the fountains may often break this historical reverie, the peacocks dancing in the courtyards will lure you into yet another trance.
    With a little imagination, you can see the age-old palace welcoming you into the folds of royalty with its hands folded, saying "Padharo"

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    18 kms inside from NH 14 (turn to Kenpura) Jodhpur - 135 kms (Airport) Udaipur - 150 kms (Airport) Falna - 35 kms (Railway Station)

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Chanoud Garh being en route to many of the official affairs of the Maharana, it saw many unannounced visits by him. So Thakur Anoop Singh ji made sure that his palace was always prepared to offer the Maharana the finest in hospitality. It would seem even today Chanoud Garh expects him to drop by. Maybe that's why Chanoud Garh offers suites truly befitting a king. There are seven meticulously renovated spacious deluxe suites for you to choose from. Each suite is unique in its décor and its stories. But all are furnished with the most modern of amenities that are masterfully hidden into its authentic interiors.