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    Amarkantak, Madhya Pradesh
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    Situated at an altitude of 1065 mt. at the meeting point of the Vindhya and the Satpura mountain ranges amongst sylvan surroundings, Amarkantak is a great pilgrim centre for the Hindus, and is the source of the rivers Narmada and Sone. While the Narmada flows Westwards from Amarkantak, the Sone flows towards the East. Amarkantak is indeed blessed by Nature. Holy ponds, lofty hills, forested surroundings, breathtakingly beautiful waterfalls and an ever-pervading air of serenity make Amarkantak a much sought-after destination for the religious-minded as well as for the nature-lover.

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    The rooms at Holiday Homes are comfortable and spacious, complete with modern amenities. Rooms are divided into 6 air-conditioned rooms, 4 air-cooled rooms, and 10 dormitory beds. In-room amenities include: cable television, telephone, and an attached bathroom with modern fittings and hot/cold water. Room service is also available.

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    24 hrs

  • Other Facility:

    Here we can see an ancient Kamandal or water pitcher which is always full of water A hot spring in a thick forest

  • Others:

    A temple built at the source of the Narmada - the holiest spot in Amarkantak The water falls from a height of about 50 ft. in a milk-white cascade A beautiful picnic spot and a waterfall Mai Ki Bagiya A lovely garden with a temple

  • Location Advantage:

    Holiday Homes is located in Amarkantak. Nearest airports to Amarkantak are Jabalpur (228 km) and Raipur (230 km). The nearest railhead is Pendra Road (42 km) on the Katni - Bilaspur section of the South-Eastern Railway.

  • Access Airport:

    Jabalpur 228 kms

  • Access Rail:

    Pindra Road 42 kms