Bandhavgarh : The Home to Tigers

Languages SpokenHindi, English and local dialects
Long Distance Code+91-7653
ImportanceTiger National Park
Area450 Sq. Km.
Best Time To VisitNovember To June

Description: Bandhavgarh is another place near Jabalpur famous for the Tiger Reserve forests. Around 165 kms North of Jabalpur, Bandhavgarh has the deciduous forests as dense as that of Kanha and with higher altitude it has some more variety of rich flora and fauna. With highest density of Tigers in their natural habitats and the first place where the white Tiger was spotted first, Bandhavgarh is one of the best Tiger sanctuaries of India. \r\nOnce a hunting reserve of the royal family of Rewa, today it is the place where Tigers are found most in number living freely in their natural habitat. Killing 109 tigers by the king was considered to be auspicious and Raja Venkat Raman Singh scored 111 in his tenure. Since 1968 this park was brought under the Project Tiger reserve and since then the number of Tigers is growing considerably. There are many other animals in these forests as well. Like the deer, Sloth bear, Bison, Nilgai and is home to a variety of pheasants as well.\r\nWithin the area of the park is the 14th century built Bandhavgarh fort. The majestic fort is built at an altitude of 800 meters thus commanding the beautiful view of the forest and its surroundings. At the entrance of the fort there are various shrines dedicated to Gods. The most impressive amongst them is the temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The fort and the adjacent hills too have many caves belonging to pre historic era.
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